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Six points for the Philadelphia Union

Why should an Upstate New Yorker care about a soccer team in Philadelphia that doesn’t quite exist yet? The following justifications might suffice:

  1. I have been a soccer player and fan for over 20 years, but never had a team to call my own.
  2. My mother is from Philly. I took a lot of trips there as a kid to see my grandfather. It was the first “big city” I ever knew. My grandpa kicked-ass, and if he called a city home, then I have no qualms adopting it as my own.
  3. The Phillies were the first MLB team I ever saw play. Thereafter I always supported Philadelphia teams, even when I couldn’t have cared less about sports in general
  4. Donovan McNabb, my favorite football player and Syracuse’s QB in my formative years (when SU football was worth something) made his way to the Eagles. Thereafter my allegiance to Philly sports became unshakable.
  5. The Sons of Ben are already the best supporter’s club in MLS.
  6. Nuff said.

That’s it for now.



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