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Freddy Adu doesn’t make the bench for Belenenses against Olhanense

Freddy Adu, who is making a habit of bouncing around Europe to clubs that won’t play him, did not see the field in Belenenses’ match against Olhanense today. He didn’t even see the bench. The match ended 0-0.

Belenenses, currently 9th the Portugese Liga, is now one point above Olhanense and only 3 points out of relegation. Adu’s former club, Benefica, is 2nd, and recently thrashed Everton 5-0 in Europa League play.

So Mr. Adu, who was once the great hope of American soccer, cannot find playing time with a mid-level team in a small (but very good) European league. In fact, he can’t find playing time anywhere and hasn’t for a long time.

What does this mean? Is a Adu at long last, officially a bust? Shall we find another young prodigy on which to hang all national hopes of international soccer glory?

Shorter: No.

Longer: No. Adu is 20 years old. Sure, he’s not in the Messi/Ronaldo/Pato range, but did you ever really believe he would be? He’s still young. He might not be the Greatest Player Ever in World History, but he still might end up being a very good player.  And he still might have a role to play with men’s national team.

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  1. Michael F.
    October 26, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Freddy had a sprained ankle. That’s why he didn’t make the bench. Follow him on Twitter to get the real Freddy scoop. Calling him a bust at 20 is way off. Just like everyone who says he gets pushed off the ball and doesn’t play defense. They are tallking 14 year old Freddy. Not 20 year old Freddy. If you follow what his coach has said – he’s doing well.

    • K.M. Morris
      October 26, 2009 at 5:49 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Actually I agree he’s not a bust. That was kind of my point. I think he’s only a bust for people who have wildly unrealistic expectations for him. Adu is still probably the most naturally gifted player in the US pool, and I think there’s a great chance he will develop into a very, very good player.

      As for the ankle injury, I’m fairly certain that’s not what kept him from making the roster. On his twitter account he says “Lost my spot in the 18 last game.” When you’re injured, you don’t “lose” your spot.

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