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Jeremiah White to the Union?

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Ives Galracep is reporting that Jeremiah White may be moving back to the states to sign with MLS. If he does, the Union may snatch him up, since they are first in allocation order.

Would this be a good move for the Union? Although I haven’t seen White play for Aarhus, he is a consistent starter for a good team in a fairly tough league. Can’t argue against that. Also: White was born in D.C. and (according to Wikipedia, at any rate) went to school in Haverford, just 9 miles outside of Philly. So the Union might get a top quality starter, and fans might finally get their local boy.


Hell freezes over–also, Freddy Adu gets playing time

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Freddy Adu was subbed on for the final 10 minutes off Belenses’ 2-2 draw against Maritomo today. Belenses was up both a man and 2 goals until Emanuel Evaristo scored in the 78th minute. Evaristo scrored again 10 minutes later to even the score. Adu was not at fault for the goal.

In fact, now that we’ve finally gotten to see Adu play in a league game, it remains a mystery why the kid can’t catch a break. Belenenses is a middling, sloppy team that lacks creativity in midfield and (clearly) the ability to hold on to a lead. In his short time on the pitch today Adu held and passed the ball well, despite his teammate’s tendency to ignore him. He also created Belenses’ only real chance in the final 10 minutes, releasing Lima with a clean through ball, only to see the striker flub the chance and blast the ball past the left goal post.

Come on Pereira–what are you thinking? Your team sucks. Give the kid a chance and he might just help them suck less.

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Philadelphia Union expansion draft–new players’ 2009 salaries

November 25, 2009 1 comment

Brad Knighton: $34,000
David Myrie: $34,000
Shavar Thomas: $108,250
Jordan Harvey: $51,250
Shea Salina: $36,300
Stefani Miglioranzi: $80,000
Andrew Jacobsen: $34,000
Nick Zimmerman: $20,100
Alejandro Moreno: $137,300
Sebastien LeToux: $112,000

Total: $647,200

MLS salary cap: $2.3 million

Holy sh*t we’re going to have a team!–Philadelphia Union expansion draft today–updates, news etc etc etc

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Expansion draft today at 1pm. Will Bobby Convey return home to Philly? Will Frankie Hejduk (hopefully) be passed on? Will Peter Nowak manage the greatest expansion draft in history ever?

Updates to come.

Update [3:17pm]: Interesting and unexpected names. Nowak and co. must planning some big name signings–there are some small salaries in that bunch.

Update [3:11pm]: Here are the players chosen by the Philadelphia Union in the 2009 expansion draft: Sebastian LeToux, David Myrie, Brad Knighton, Shavar Thomas, Jordan Harvey, Shea Salinas, Stefani Miglioranzi, Nick Zimmerman, Andrew Jacobson, Alejandro Moreno,

Update [3:06pm]: Here we go–press conference has begun (with the sound of laptops turning on in the background).

Update [3:05pm]: Not sure who we’re listening to on the feed, but some dude is explaining to some woman how the expansion draft works. He says we just have to hurry up and wait because “it’s not like there’s any other team.” Ha.

Update [3:00pm]:The feed seems to be a little messed up at present, but here’s the audio for Nowak’s press conference.

Update [1:54pm]: Reports from the interwebs are indicating that the official announcement will not come until 3pm. Also at the 3pm: Nowak discusses the picks live on One more hour . . .

Update [12:05pm]: The Union’s twitter feed tells us that “Due to the fluid nature of the draft process, selections may not be announced by 1:00pm.” Yeah no shit. But I wonder: will they release the names one-by-one or all at once?

In the mean time, ponder a few more mock drafts (hey, I’d do one myself, but I was only a 1/2 follower of MLS until the expansion to Philadelphia) here, here, and here.

One other link while I’m at it: Brent Latham at Yanks Abroad says that the Union should “go American,” i.e. sign no foreign players in order to get more Americans involved in the league. Interesting idea, but not likely (and wouldn’t that suck for Philly fans? To never have the chance to sign a big foreign player?). I’ve got a better idea for involving more American players: pay them more. Crazy, right? I mean we get investors to put millions into (very important stadiums). Why not get them to invest in (equally important) player salaries?

Expansion draft tomorrow–who will the Union pick?–also, we’ll finally have a 1/2 team!

November 24, 2009 Leave a comment

The expansion draft will begin at 1pm today. For a full list of protected and unprotected players check here.

For a good mock draft, go here.

Philadelphia Union tryouts held in awful conditions; everything else remains unknown

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

The Philadelphia Union held open tryouts in Mercer County, Pennsylvania this weekend on fields that had been battered by a Nor’easter for days, a Union press release says.

The hopeful future Union-ers(?) began with at 9am with a “beep test”–what sounds like a fairly cruel conditioning test where the players have series of 20 minutes sprints each progressively faster. The players then broke off into groups of 9 v. 9 and played 30 minute games.

Unfortunately, this is all the information the Union has released on the tryouts. We have no idea if anyone has been called back.

We do know about a few of the players, however. Andy Jasner had been doing a great series of short profiles (in the guise of press releases) on prospective players, two of whom seem to have a great deal of potential–Long Tan and Rodrigo Desouza. Tan played professionally in the Chinese Super League and was a member of the U-19 national team; Desouza (supposedly) was a member of the Brazil U-15 national team. Not too shabby.

There will be two more tryouts, both on the weekend of December 5-6. Here’s hoping they find someone amazing.

Philadelphia Union’s first jersey revealed; fans let out a collective “bleh”

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

tt-adp57250-2When the Philadelphia Union were unveiled last May, the team’s crest was met with pretty much universal acclaim. The design was phenomenal, immediately becoming one of the best in MLS.

Which makes the team’s bizarrely designed first jersey all the more disappointing. What’s with the stripe? What’s with the stripe ending 2/3 of the way ? What’s with the blue line chopping off the unfortunate jersey-wearer’s pecs?

Basically, just what the hell is going on here?


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