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Philadelphia Union open tryouts–25 to try out with the pros in January

The results of the Union’s open trouts held this weekend and last month are all hush-hush. I’ve been scouring the google news for any info and can’t find a thing–not sure if the media are banned from the proceedings, or just uninterested. Either way, the only first-hand accounts we have are from a vague press release last month, and the fairly vapid accounts of reformed child star turned local Philadelphia radio personality Donny Bonaduce, who was at the tryouts in some kind of bizarre cross-promotional deal with the Union.

The only useful nugget of information we have from Mr. Bonaduce’s effort is a confirmation that Nowak will choose about 25 players from the four day tryouts to try out with the pros in January. From the article:

The Union also held open tryouts last month in Trenton, N.J., and the team expects about 400 more players to show up tomorrow for day two of the Philly session. From all of the players, Nowak says he’ll gather about 25 by the end of January, and try them out alongside the pros.

“We like to give everyone a chance,” Nowak said. “Wherever they come from, they know about the league and they know about our team. So that’s very promising. We cannot guarantee anything. All we’re offering is the opportunity to make the team. It’s up to them how they proceed with it.”

With the Union already piecing its roster together through trades, signings and the expansion draft, the likelihood is that no one from these commercial tryouts will be wearing a Union jersey when the team kicks off its debut season against the Seattle Sounders on March 25.

Likely true, but I don’t think Nowak would waste four valuable days for nothing– he’s just trying to kill expectations among the media and fans. He’s hoping there’s some jewel in this crowd, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see at least one player from the group in Union blue next spring.

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