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Friday Links–CBA fun, MLS mock drafts, and Minnesota MLS rumblings

MLS Collective Bargaining fun. A cloud is settling on the horizon as Philadelphia Union fans anxiously await the club’s first season: MLS may shoot itself in the foot before the first kickoff. Let me self-aggrandize and quote my twitter self: MLS is not in a position to survive a strike. It is still a nascent league with a relatively weak fan base.

Also, put me firmly on the side of the players on this one. Their demands, as enumerated in the above Seattle Times article, are hardly unreasonable. I will defer to Kasey Keller, who is serving an advisory role in the process, to plead the players case on this one:
What’s most disappointing to me is, this isn’t a negotiation for a bunch of players wanting 8 million a year instead of 7 million a year.  The main points revolve around us being given the same rights under FIFA as the rest of the players around the world.  As an MLS player you have to sign away your FIFA rights before you are allowed to sign your contract.  We would like a moderate rise in the salary cap, but the major points for the players are:  guaranteed contracts, free agency, and the right to negotiate with other MLS teams.  These are some of the basic rights the players in all the other leagues around the world have that we have to sign away.”
In the same vein, there is a great post at RSL soap box on MLS’ finances and what it means for the CBA:

I think the salary issues are at the bottom of the scale not at the top end, and that there should be some plan in place not only in form of at 401K but to assist players with education and career placement after their playing days are done.  I have always thought it was a shame to see NBA and NFL players struggling to get by later in their lives, and MLS should do better by their players.

I have said for years that I believe the days of the league owning contracts and controlling all things MLS has to end, this could align with the players desire to get some form of free agency.

Mock Drafts Galore. The holidays are the time for MLS mockdrafts. Check out WVHooligan, College Soccer Professor, and Soccer By Ives (technically a draft “big board,” but, whatever). Everyone still has Opara as #1. I’m going to stick with Bone, Stahl, or Tchani for #1. I’m stubborn like that–and, also, come on: what are the Union going to do with another starting CB? And a skeleton of a midfield?

MLS Vikings. Finally, the Original Winger has found an intriguing article in the Star Tribune about how HKS–owners of the Minnesota Vikings–are scheming to buy an MLS team and move it Minnesota.
Commission Member Paul Thatcher asked if it could handle soccer matches, because the Vikings had told him that the Wilfs want to buy a major league soccer team and move it here.

Yes, Trubey said, soccer was included as part of the design agenda. The stadium would be, he said, “the most technologically advanced multiuse facility” that could be built, “and it will be done at the most efficient square footage and the most economical price” possible.

  1. michael
    December 19, 2009 at 6:09 am

    Did you see Stahl play when UConn was in town? College Soccer Prof has him listed above da Luz, but that’s hard for me to believe, since da Luz looked to me like the best player on the field in that Virginia game.

    Of course, I saw Charlie Davies play w BC here and didn’t think much of him, so what do I know.

    • K.M. Morris
      December 19, 2009 at 12:20 pm

      No, I missed the UConn game this year. Went to a few at the start of the season but then got exhausted from all the losing that SU was doing (in football and in soccer).

      It is, of course, hard to know a player from just one or two games. For the time being I’ll believe College Soccer Professor and others with a more intimate understanding of the college game than me.

      I’m still hoping that da Luz will slip through the first round and the Union can nab him as the first pick in the second round (“hope” being the operative word–if da Luz keeps it up in the combine, I’ll definitely drop him as my second-round pick).

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