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Back! Plus: Update on Long Tan, Danny Mwanga, Jeremiah White, etc. etc.

First, apologies for the silent blog. After a painfully hectic/busy/exhausting six months, I decided to actually take the “vacation” part of “Christams vacation” to heart–thus my utter silence recently, both in the Twitter world and the blogging world. Even though I’d love to take another week-long break, things here just starting to get off the ground, and Union-land keeps getting better and better.

So, here we go.

1. I spoke to David Wells, Long Tan‘s step-father, who told me that the former Chinese U-19 international has not yet heard back from the Union regarding the open tryout. Since emails were already sent to the callbacks, it’s fair to say that Long Tan will not be at the second round of tryouts. Mr. Wells told me that the Long was frustrated with his performance, especially in the 7 v. 7 session, a frustration that is easy to sympathize with. Twenty minutes hardly seems like enough time to impress Mr. Nowak, especially when you’re playing with guys you just met (and who could be Donny Bonaduce).

There is a lot of interest out there in the tryouts, so I will continue trying to dig up as much as I can about the other players called back.

Danny Mwanga

Danny Mwanga*

2. Danny Mwanga to go first? Ives Galarcep reports that Danny Mwanga of Oregon State is not only a likely Generation Adidas signing, he’s also a likely #1 pick, as the Union has been pushing hard for MLS to sign the young striker.

Now I’m a little surprised, to be honest, and I’m not that familiar with Mwanga,  so I’ll wait to analyze this. But if Nowak is chasing him hard–and if he’s really been offered a hefty GA sum–then I’m willing to be believe he just might be the player the Union need up front.

3. Jeremiah White said to be in talks with the Union. This we more or less knew. But White has also made it clear that any MLS team that signs him will need to meet certain salary requirements:

“I have two children and it’s important to me that this next contract put us in a good position financially, so I will look at all of my options and probably do what’s best for my family.”

Of course, “a good position financially” could mean anything, so I’ll assume for the time being that White really means “a very comfortable position financially.” Although he won’t be getting a DP slot (at least I hope not) and the team won’t break the bank on him, so long as his salary demands aren’t too absurd the Union can likely meet them (thanks to Nowak’s cheap selections in the expansion draft).

*Photo from osubeavers.com

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