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Slooooow soccer day–how about a Danny Mwanga video?

Although there are some middling news stories to report in the world of American soccer (Eddie Johnson to Greece, Adu maybe to Greece), the fact is that today, Thursday, Dec. 31st, is the slowest news day in recent memory. Making things even worse? All those Premiership games over the holiday break have left me with a bit of a soccer hangover, not dissimilar to the way I feel after the Euros or the World Cup–disoriented, jittery, and in need of my Beautiful Game fix.

Unfortunately, the need simply cannot be satiated (reruns on FSC don’t count) and, as far as I know, there is no methadone-type treatment for soccer addiction. What I can do, however, is proudly present a video of Philadelphia’s apparent hoped-for #1 first round draft pick, Danny Mwanga, scoring two goals, the second of which is a beauty:

I love the quote from Mwanga’s coach, Steve Simmons, at about the 1:06 mark: “With a player like that, there tends be a situation where you pass him the ball and maybe you stand and watch him.” I’m assuming his (possible) future teammates at the Union will be less awed than the boys at Oregon State. Which is a good thing because, as Simmons later says, Mwanga is actually a better passer of the ball than a scorer. For a guy who scored 14 goals last season, that’s quite a compliment.

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