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Mock drafts galore–various yanks abroad goodness–and, hey, Jen Chang’s still alive, and blogging!

Mock drafts are coming out left and right (and are even being aggregated here). Just about everybody has Danny Mwanga going first. And why shouldn’t they? Ives Galarcep reported last week that the Union  pushed hard for the OSU sophomore striker to be added to the Generation Adidas class. So, unless this is some wicked deceptive smoke-and-mirrors tactic by the Union (or Ives was taking some Twitter feed a little too seriously), it sounds like Mwanga will be in a Union jersey very soon.


In Yanks Abroad news, it now seems likely that Greece’s Aris FC will be fielding two Americans soon–Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson. This is basically both player’s last chance to impress in Europe, and let’s hope they both light fires under one-another’s asses. If Adu fails to see regular playing time in Greece, he should put his tail between his legs, take a pay cut, and come back to MLS.


Landon Donovan has arrived at Merseyside and is all smiles–as are most American soccer fans. Optimism is running high on both sides of the pond as we anxiously await his first match, which may very well be as sub in the club’s Premiership clash with Arsenal this Saturday.

At Soccernet, Jen Chang analyzes Donovan’s likely role with the club.

I see Moyes using Donovan primarily on either the left or right wing to rotate with current incumbents Steven Pienaar and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. The other possibility is using Donovan in the hole behind the main striker as the primary AM option (Leon Osman has been used there recently). Having said that, since both Pienaar and Bilyaletdinov are comparable talents to Donovan, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to displace either as the starter from the get-go and will have to earn his minutes as a sub initially.


Speaking of Jen Chang–hey, he put up a post! Yes, for a portion of this latest piece he waxes romantic about the future of Belgian soccer, which bores the hell out of me, but Jen Chang generally does not bore the hell out of me. In fact, he’s probably my favorite US soccer blogger–it’s just too bad he’s so absorbed with his editorial responsibilities at Soccernet that he doesn’t put up a post more than once every other week.

So, hey Jen, is there any chance you’ll pull an Ives and start  your own, full-time blog? Please?

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