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Top Union brass arrive in Florida for MLS combine

Nick Sakiewicz, Peter Nowak, assistant coach John Hackworth, and a small posse of other Union personnel have arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as they prepare for the team’s first MLS combine (Jan. 8-10) and MLS Superdraft (Jan. 14).

Danny Mwanga

Danny Wwanga

Since it sounds like Nowak essentially promised Mwanga the first round pick, the team will likely be more concerned with evaluating talent for their second, third, and fourth round picks. As American Soccer News shows, some real gems have come out of later rounds in the past. Since Mwanga is a striker, look for the team to add at least one or two more midfielders–still the Union’s weakest position by far–and possibly a left or right back.

For a great preview of the combine, and what it means for the players, check out Kyle McCarthy’s latest article at goal.com..

Also, SBI will be down in Florida covering the combine in person, so check his site for updates. While I would have loved to get out of the Syracuse winter for a nice weekend down south, apparently plane tickets to Florida cost money, and that is something I don’t have at present.

More updates to come . . .

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