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MLS Superdraft 2010–Live blog!

MLS Superdraft 2010

Generic Superdraft Graphic

This will be a bit of experiment for me here–never really done a live blog before.

Here goes:

5:58: Union selects Brian Perk, goalkeeper from UCLA, as the 1st pick in the fourth round. Should have seen that one coming. I’ll blame that on exhaustion. Another really good selection for the Union.

I’m going to give this draft an A right now. It really could not have gone much better for the team, and I’m not saying that just as a fan.

Okay guys, I’m going to go eat and rest. Thanks to everyone who’s been following all day. It’s been fun. I’ll put up a brief post later summarizing the team’s selections.

5:52: Okay, the Union’s last pick is coming up. JT Noone anyone?

5:45: Round three

#1 Philadelphia: Kyle Nakazawa

#2: NY: Conor Chinn

#3: Chivas USA: Kevin Tangney

#4: KC: Nick Cardenas

#5: San Jose: Andrew Hoxie

#6: Dallas: Jason Yeisley

#7: RSL:  Chris Schuler

#8: Colorado: Chad Borak

#9: KC: Mauro Fuzetti

#10: Chivas USA: Isaac Kissi

#11: Houston: David Walker

#12: Dallas: Eric Alexander

#13: Chicago: Steven Kinney

#14: Houston: Samuel Appiah (shit!)

#15: Chivas USA: Ben Zimaski

#16: NE: Jason Griffiths

5:11 I’m taking a break until shortly before the 4th round. I’ll update all the picks. I’m very intrigued by the Union’s next selection. It’s wide open at present. Hoping they’ll go for either Appiah or JT Noone, just because I chose them in my pseudo-mock draft.

5:00: Nakazawa was predicted by many to go first or second in the second round. Stahl was predicted by many to go in the first round.

4:55: Yes! Finally got one right. Thank you Philadelphia. A great pick: Nakazawa to the Union, first pick in the 3rd round. Phialdelphia is owning this draft.


#14: San Joes: Steven Beitashour

#15: NE: Zach Boggs (who?)

#16: Salt Lake: Justin Davis

That’s the end of the second round. Anyone still out there? Will the Union finally do me a favor and help me get a prediction right? I say they take Nakazawa as the next pick. The Hackworth youth connection.

4:43: Drew Yates to Chicago for the 13th pick of the 2nd round.

4:35: Earthquakes take Justin Morrow as the 12th pick. Good selection for the Quakes. I’m a little surprised Morrow fell this far.

4:32: Seattle takes Mike Seamon as 11th pick in the 2nd round. Big names that still haven’t been picked? Nakazawa, obviously, and Justin Morrow.

4:27: Here are the last few picks:

#7 Colorado: Ross LaBeaux

#8 Toronto: Zachary Herold

#9: NE: Seth Sinovic

#10: Chicago: Kwame Watson-Siriboe

4:25: Nakazawa still hasn’t been taken. From all reports he did have a quiet combine.

4:08: Finally . . . Andre Akpan goes to Toronto FC Colorado (sorry, big typo there) as the 6th pick in the 2nd round. Might be a steal for Colorado.

4:02: Andrew Wiedeman doesn’t go until the fifth pick in the second round. Here are the other picks so far:

#2 Red Bulls: Tim Ream

3# Earthquakes:  Michael Thomas

#4 Wizards: Olukorede Aiyegbusi

#5 FC Dallas: Andrew Wiedeman

3:54: I’ll post the next draft picks all at once in maybe 15minutes or so. No need for one-by-one coverage anymore: nothing too important is likely to happen for the Union until the next round.

3:51: The average age of the Union’s first three picks is about 17.5. Two 18-year-olds and Baby Mc. at 17.

3:48: Red Bulls take Tim Ream, 2nd pick of 2nd round.

3:45: Alright things might slow down a little bit here as we get into the second round. My fingers hurt.

3:43: Haha, wrong again. I’m 0 for 2 after Okugo. Union take Toni Stahl as #17 pick. Still think he’s a little overrated. Others have said he’s the most MLS ready midfielder in the draft. We’ll see. Good to get a defensive midfielder though.

3:41: So my gut still says Nakazawa, but I also think Justin Morrow out of Notre Dame could work.

3:36: Harkes redeems himself with the early Akpan flub by predicting the Mathis trade. Stephens goes in the first round? Wow. Alright, time to get around these picks and figure out the Union’s next pick . . . my gut tells me there’s good chance it’s Nakazawa.

3:35: LA gives up 3rd overall pick in next years draft and this year’s #15 pick for Clint Mathis. Collen Warner from Portland goes Real Salt Salt Lak and Michael Stephens goes to LA.

3:31: Stone and co. are reporting the Galaxy and Real Salt Lake swapped the 15th and 16th picks.

3:28: Still waiting  on the LA Galaxy. Rob Stone is saying the Galaxy are discussing a potential trade.

3:20: New York takes Austin da Luz. Damn it!!!!! They did it just to spite me.

3:14: Red Bulls’ turn now. I’d be happy if they take Stahl. I think he’s a little overrated, to be honest, and also a bit older than many of the other players in the draft.

3:10: Chicago Fire take Corben Bone. There’s an end-of-the-round steal. Good job Chicago. Good luck Mr. Bone.

3:08: Stone calls Dike the “Oguchi Onyewu of strikers.” Okay. He does realize that sounds like a bad thing, right?

3:06: Columbus Crew take Bright Dike. What the heck.

3:00: Crew call a five minute timeout and (I’m assuming) Union fans boo. Ha. The way things are working out right now the Union will definitely pick up a very good prospect with the first pick in the second round. Lots of talent still left in this draft.

2:57: How far will Corben Bone drop?

2:55: Seattle takes David Estrada . . . wow. He’s not even at the convention center. This first round is nuts.

2:53: From @phillyunionASN on twitter: “Highlight of the draft: New England draftee Zach Schilawski thanking the Columbus Crew for picking him. Oops!” You know, I’d much rather hear the speeches than Stone et al’s analysis. Next year I’ll have go to the draft in person . . .

2:51: Chivas USA takes Blair Gavin.

2:49: With all the surprises today I’m starting to get more hopeful that da Luz drops to the second round. I’ve been unable to shut up about him on this blog since I saw play in the college cup.

2:46: Nope. The Revs take Schilawski. Wow. Big surprises in the draft so far . . .

2:45: Revs have to take Corben Bone here.

2:41: Columbus Crew take Dilly Duka. Corben Bone is really falling far in the draft. Some team is going to get lucky picking him late.

2:38: Pretty surprising move from the Union. I’m actually a pretty big fan of McInerney and think that in the right environment he could develop into a very dangerous player. He’ll definitely be a project though and won’t see much playing time his first year.

2:36: Union take . . . Jack McInerney. Woah!

2:33: Who’s next? Duka, Bone, or da Luz? I’m sticking with Corben Bone.

2:30: And it’s Okugo! Yes!!!

2:30: Back to Philadelphia for the #6. Okugo will be a steal for the Union. Things are working out perfectly right now.

2:27: And it’s Zach Loyd for Dallas. Way to go Harkesy. Did you read any of the reports about Akpan from the combine?

2:25: Dallas’ #5 pick is where things get interesting. Harkes sees them taking Akpan . . . right. Anyway, will it be: Loyd, Okugo, or Bone? Let’s hope it’s not Okugo . . .

2:25: Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas: this is not American football. Size and speed are not the most important traits in a soccer player.

2:22: KC Wizards take Bunbury. Another non-surprise. Will play at his father’s old team. Cool.

2:15: Earthquakes take Opara. Not a big surprise. Union put them in a tight spot by taking Shavar Thomas in the expansion draft.

2:11: Red Bulls take Tchani. Great potential in this kid. Sad to see he’s going to one of the Union’s major rivals.

2:10: From the Union’s official twitter feed: “Mwanga: ‘I won’t leave this stage without saying…thank you to the Philadelphia Union fans.'”

2:09: Cut back to the singing ESPN!

2:08: Nowak says he says he can see Mwanga becoming the Union’s “franchise” player.

2:06: Getting goosebumps listening to the Sons of Ben singing in the background. Great job guys. Gooo Daanny Mwangaa

2:05: Danny Mwanga goes #1. Anyone surprised? Welcome to the Union Mr. Mwanga!

2:00: Here we go…hello Philadelphia. Nice video of fans in the lobby on ESPN.

1:58: Minutes away from a new era in Philly soccer–and in MLS for that matter.

1:50: 10 minutes! Be sure to watch MLS Insider for coverage of the later rounds. ESPN2 will only televise the first round.

1:45: Sons of Ben out in full force at the draft.

1:41: Check MLS Insider for a live report from the draft in 5 minutes.

1:30: Half an hour to go . . . no other trade news as of yet.

12:56: Some people out there are questioning Philly’s emphasis on the draft, and wondering if the team is giving up too much for too many young players. Odd. The team didn’t trade all their allocation money for FC Dallas’ #6 pick, and they also got an extra cushion of money from the Perkins trade. Their expansion draft players for the most part have small salaries. This all means there’s still room for some big signings in Union-land, guys, and I think the trade moves so far have been very smart.

12:44: Albright to NY for 31st and 48th pic via @KyleJMcCarthy on Twitter.

12:11: Pre-draft photos at the NE Revolution blog.

12:08PM: Be sure to also check out the folks at the ASN Union page. They’ve got a live blog running too.

11:34AM: This is how I see things going now: 1. Danny Mwanga 2. Tony Tchani 3. Ike Opara 4. Teal Bunbury 5. Zach Loyd 6. Amobi Okugo 7. Corben Bone.  Nabbing Bone and Okugo could be huge. Bone is less of a project than Duka and could contribute more in his first season. If Dallas goes with someone else at #5, then I’d expect the Union to take Loyd with either #6 or #7. It really wouldn’t hurt to have a top-fullback prospect with the team–David Myrie is still largely unproven in MLS.

11:25: The Union traded allocation money to Dallas for the #6 pick. This means that the single trade for Perkins has now resulted in two first round draft picks. Good moves so far from Nick S., Nowak, and co.

11:22: Breaking news guys: The Union have just made a trade with Dallas for their #6 pick. Wow. Hello Okugo. And hello da Luz, Bone, or Duka. Welcome to the Union.

10:36AM: To be honest I’m not sure how to answer my last question. I’d honestly forgotten about da Luz as an option when I did my Duka cheer-leading last night. The kid has skills and may mature into a top player in MLS. Bone had a disappointing combine but most people still have him ranked higher than either da Luz or Duka.

10:25AM: If Okugo is taken as the #6 pick, that means Corben Bone will likely be available for the Union’s #7 pick. Da Luz and Duka will also be available. So who should the Union take? Bone, da Luz, or Duka?

10:02AM: Less than four hours and counting. WVhooligan has reported a trade that will send one Revolution player to the Red Bulls for pick numbers 31 and 34. Hope the guy NE is losing isn’t anyone special . . . Ives is also reporting that FC Dallas is closer to dealing the #6 pick. This could be a reaction from the Union’s earlier trade, and an attempt to nab Okugo before Philly can get their hands on him–

  1. june16_1904
    January 14, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Hey, thanks for liveblogging. I’ve been looking for a good Philly blog to follow for a while now. I’m a Pittsburgher, but I’ve made the Union my MLS team as a Pennsylvanian. Keep up the good work!

    • K.M. Morris
      January 14, 2010 at 4:59 pm

      Thanks june16–glad to know someone out there is reading the live blog and glad to hear you’re supporting the Union. If the early trades are any indication it seems Nowak and Nick S. are some pretty clever dudes–should be an exciting first season.

  2. Ro
    January 14, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    I’ve been checking out the live blog now and again. Good work. Keep it up!

    • K.M. Morris
      January 14, 2010 at 10:11 pm

      Thanks, man. I’m taking a break until the next round. Will start live-blogging again in maybe 10-20 minutes.

  1. January 15, 2010 at 6:33 am

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