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MLS Superdraft 2010 tomorrow–updates–etc.

The Philadelphia Union roster is about to expand from a measly 11 players to a slightly less measly 15 players tomorrow, barring any trades or other wacky backroom dealings. I will be doing a live blog of the event–sadly not from Philadelphia but about five feet from my HD television. My attempt at predicting the Union’s picks can be found here. Other, better, and complete mock drafts can be found here, here, here, and here.

In other exciting news, I’ve updated the “About” page with a little more personal information (I’m only slowly warming to non-anonymity on the internet). One important nugget from the update: a few people have asked what “C. Horridus” means. A quick google search will tell you: it’s the scientific name for the timber rattlesnake, which you’ll notice in the “Live, or Die” cartoon at the top of this site. Mainly, though, I just thought that Horridus sounded pretty cool.

And one other update: I am a gradute student, and the Spring semester is beginning next Tuesday. There is a good chance this will cut into my available blogging time, but I’ll try to keep the site going as frequently as I can. I will certainly cover the season opener and the regular MLS season as much as possible.  Many thanks to the (small) group of people who keep coming back to this site every day and supporting it in its infancy.

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