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Slow news day=gratuitous videos of a Union player

Yes, Superdraft hangover is in full swing, and is not being helped by the fact that this week is turning out to be a fairly slow news-wise (Michael Orozco rumors notwithstanding).

So, I thought I’d jump back to the expansion draft, and show a couple videos of draft-day steal Shea Salinas.

First, here is one when he played for the Earthquakes, beating three guys before getting tripped-up in the penalty area and then scoring the subsequent penalty kick:

And here he is again, scoring a scrappy goal against the Wizards:

For a good read up on Salinas, as usual just check out the Philly Union ASN page here. For those unfamiliar with Salinas, here’s a handy quote from the article:

As for what type of player Salinas is, a couple attributes are raw like his final ball into the box and finishing. Overwhelmingly, however, he has all of the makings of a great MLS winger. “I am back training by myself every morning at 8AM and playing some indoor with my buddies. There was more time to take off but I couldn’t take it anymore”. A former track and cross country star in high school (4:28 miler and 9:51 two-miler for those curious) and with running as his passion, speed and fitness are his forte and a quality which will never leave his game. With that in mind, “my focus this off-season is to work on my final ball in the box and that final decision”.

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