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C. Horridus needs help!

Today my big bad busy semester officially began: I started my internship at the local paper. It’s a great opportunity for me professionally and personally but it could also mean the death knell for this blog–or at least the blog as it’s been over the past month or two, with near daily updates and long, relatively in-depth articles. Why? I’m going to be very, very busy. Probably my only free time to write will be during the evenings, and I doubt I’ll be able to so everyday. Which sucks, because I love this blog and love writing about the Union (and two months before the first season is hardly a good time for this site to slow down).

I’ve hinted before that, once the Spring semester started, I would probably ask for help. Well, now is as good a time as any. So there are any wannabee Union scribes out there who want to help out, please read over the following and shoot me an email:

What I need: 1-3 contributors with a strong knowledge of MLS and Philadelphia soccer and who can make a commitment to write 2-3 (or more!) posts a week. If you are a journalism student or are interested in going into journalism, this is a great opportunity to add some clips to your portfolio. If you are an MLS guru but worry about the quality of your writing–don’t. We can work something out.

There will also be opportunities for original reporting–especially for anyone who can get himself down to the pre-season training camp at Greensboro.

How to contact me: chorridusmail@gmail.com.

What to include: Tell me why you want to write for the site,  how you think you can help, and any background/experience you think would be helpful.

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