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First callback name revealed [updated]

Former Lehigh University goalkeeper Sam Bishop has started training with the Philadelphia Union, according to an article on the official Lehigh Men’s Soccer website.

Bishop received the callback the day of the second tryout:

“It was a great experience and it was fairly inexpensive compared to other open tryouts. I thought the tryout went ok and I ended up being one of 25 guys to get a call back out of a thousand. I went back for another tryout this past Sunday and that same night I got an email from an assistant coach inviting me to preseason camp.

Bishop is the first player reported to be called back. A story on the Temple News website claims that JT Noone is also in the Union’s pre-season camp, although it’s unclear whether Noone took part in the tryouts (especially since the just the Tuesday before he was still at the MLS Combine).

This news does not mean that either players have been signed with the Union or are guaranteed a roster spot. It is essentially the third step in the tryout process (and also provides the Union’s undermanned roster with some extra bodies on the practice pitch).

Updates after the jump:

[Update #1] Should have put this in originally. I did contact a Union rep about the story and they told me they could not confirm that JT Noone was at camp. As always, interpret that however you see fit.

[Update #2] Brian Mascarenhas told me he has not received a callback. Since the first day of pre-season camp was today, that means one isn’t coming.

Mascarenhas thought he performed well at the tryouts, even though he wasn’t called back to the camp.

“I was very pleased with the way I played and definitely left it all on the field,” Mascarenhas said by email earlier today.

  1. Horacio Ramos
    January 30, 2010 at 5:52 am

    I also feel I did superp on my trials,they were on th 5th of dec,I didn’t receive a callback,when I felt I played my best like I always try to do.Remembering back,I was playing left back,when the person watchin the 9v9 was on the right side of the field.But I felt comfortable and know I did my best,the callback would have sealed the deal for me,I travelled from Florida.Thanks for your time.Horacio Ramos

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