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Experts, team officials foresee big first year for Union

A quick link before I dash off to my media law class:

Philly.com tells us just about everyone is confident that the fans will be there in the Union’s first year.

Union president Tom Veit is certain the team will sell out its new 18,500-seat stadium in Chester, basing his analysis on current sales, trends in ticket purchases, and the depth of the regional soccer market.

“I’m very confident we’ll sell out, and could sell more if we had them,” Veit said in an interview last week.

People who study how sports teams fill arenas tend to agree.

“To sell half the stadium’s capacity two months before the inaugural game is extremely promising, especially in this economy,” said New York lawyer Irwin Kishner, chair of the sports/entertainment group at Herrick, Feinstein L.L.P., which represents the New York Yankees and other teams.

Darryl Lehnus, director of the Center for Sports Sponsorship and Sales at Baylor University in Texas, said that “a 50-percent base of season tickets is very good,” even if it went no further.

This is not much of a surprise to anyone who’s been following the MLS in Phialdelphia over the past couple of years–but a good read nevertheless.

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