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Monday morning recommended reading

Sorry for the slow output recently. I’ve got four feature length articles I’m working on for the newspaper right now, in addition to my classes and a TA job. So, yes, I’m very busy. But, thankfully, I’ve already got a few writers lined up who will help with posting once the regular season begins (and for any interested Union scribes–the offer still stands!).

Anyway, there’s a great two part post by Jonathan Tannenwald over at Philly.com, wherein he reveals that the Union are planning on moving to dryer, hotter pastures for the next phase of pre-season training–namely, Guadelejara, Mexico.

The second part of the article is a transcription of a conference call that Peter Nowak and John Hackworth recently. My favorite quote:

On the benefits of training out of town together

Peter Nowak

We don’t want to keep this team under a bubble, but we need to get to know each other… We believe that keeping us quiet, and having this kind of situation like we’re in here in North Carolina, is going to give us the time to establish all these aspects of who we are and what kind of identity we’re finding as a team.

The shared moments, the fears and doubts, what is going to happen this season, who is going to stay, who is going to go. Talking to this group, you can clearly find all these little aspects of being away.

You are not in Florida, you are not in Phoenix or L.A. where the grass is green and the weather is great and you have friends around. Now they are pulling together, they play cards together, they have fun together. And with our help, we try to establish the soccer part, which at the end of the day will be very important to us.

Go to the Goalkeeper blog at Philly.com and read the whole thing.


The Philly Soccer Blog also recently posted a great interview with Jeremiah White, who Union fans will remember for his long, fairly public flirtation with the Union before signing with Al-Ettifaq in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Thankfully, it sounds like Philadelphia is still very much on his mind:

PSP: Do you plan to follow Philadelphia Union once they begin play, and would you like to play for them some day?

JW: Yes, they are my favorite team in the MLS. Of course I want to play for them.

PSP: What are your goals for your soccer career from here on out?

JW: Besides playing for the Union, let’s see what doors open in the future. For now, I am focused on my current job.

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