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Luciano Emilio to Philadelphia?

Luciano Emilio

Luciano Emilio driving fast and far from DC

The Washington Post’s Steven Goff reported yesterday that Philadelphia Union officials are chasing after former DC target man Luciano Emilio (h/t Philly Soccer Page via Twitter)

The Insider has learned that expansion Philadelphia is considering several options at striker, including Emilio . . .

Philadelphia “has a couple of things in the works,” one source said.

Emilio scored 20 regular season goals in 2007, 11 the following year and 10 last season.

While at DC, Emilio had a strike rate of about one goal every two games. Not shabby at all. True, the majority of those goals came in his 2007 season–but, even if Emilio only matched his tally from last season, he would still be a huge boon for the Union.

What else would Emilio’s signing mean for the team? First, Danny Mwanga would immediately move into a role as substitute–probably best for the extremely talented but vastly inexperienced youngster. Second, with Moreno, Emilio, and Fred in the attack, the Union would suddenly have a formidable front line of MLS veterans. Each of these veterans would, in turn, have a hungry young talent nipping at their heels, providing an option for Nowak if any of the starters show a drop in form or get fatigued as the season wears on.

So should the Union sign Emilio? Unfortunately, it depends entirely on what they’re willing to trade for him. The team, having just formed, needs more time to gel. A trade that involves multiple players could hurt the club in terms of both depth and morale. And let’s not even talk about trading Fred back to DC (bad, bad idea).

So until we know how Nowak and Co. plan to acquire Emilio, we’ll defer judgement at present–aside from saying, of course, that if the price is low, then the Union should BUY! BUY! BUY!

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