Philadelphia Union–2010 season predictions–roundtable (of sorts)–part 2

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the second in a two part series. Read part one here.

Our discussion of the Philadelphia Union’s 2010 season continues below.

What will be the most under-reported storyline this season?

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Philadelphia Union–2010 season predictions–roundtable (of sorts)

March 24, 2010 2 comments

This is the first of a two part series.

Below, new contributor Brian and I try our hand at predicting how the Philadelphia Union’s first season will go. Who will shine? Who will be a dud? Will the Union escape the expansion side curse like Seattle did?

Two is pretty small for a roundtable, so if you agree/disagree feel free to weigh-in in the comments.

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Philadelphia Union 2010–The Good, the Bad, and the Young

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Roger Torres

Roger Torres typifies the youth, uncertainty, and great potential in the Union's roster this season.

Now that we’ve finished our preseason recap, let’s take a look at some things that worry us and excite us going into Thursday’s opener against Seattle.

Things to worry about:

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Philadelphia Union preseason recap

March 23, 2010 1 comment

Brian Mechanick contributed this post

We stand on the precipice of a new era: The Philadelphia Union Era. The brand-new CBA has been signed and the 2010 season is about to begin. Kick-off is less than three days away, when the Union faces off against the Seattle Sounders (9:30pm Est, ESPN2). But before kick-off, let’s look at what the preseason has told us about this team and what it should look like.

The Union played against teams from the NCAA, Mexican First and Second Division, and USA Second Division—and only one MLS team.

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Valenica C.F. v Philadelphia Union at PPL Park this summer—Union fans commence drooling

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Valencia CF logoBrian Mechanick contributed this post.

Valencia C.F. will face the Union at PPL Park this summer. The match will reportedly take place on July 31 and will be included as part of the club’s season ticket plan. Although this date conflicts with a prior scheduled home match against New England, don’t be surprised if the Revolution match is rescheduled to make way for the team known as “Los Che.”

“We are very excited to bring one of La Liga’s top teams to PPL Park this summer as part of our season ticket package,” said Philadelphia Union CEO & Operating Partner Nick Sakiewicz in a press release. “Philadelphia Union season ticket holders will be treated to a high level of international football as we take on our friends from Spain.”

Valencia, the third most supported club in Spain, is having a strong season in La Liga. The team is currently in third place, well off the lead pace of Barcelona and Real Madrid, but in strong position to return to the Champions League for the first time since 2007-08. Despite mediocrity in recent seasons, Valencia is home to many players for the vaunted Spanish National Team.

The team’s star is undoubtedly David Villa, whose striking prowess won him the Golden Boot in Euro 2008. But Valencia is also not without its young stars, including Spain’s firmly entrenched winger David Silva, 24, and national team left-winger Mata, 21.

It will be interesting to see whether Valencia will play its Spanish nationals, who will have just returned from the World Cup. Seeing players of the class of David Villa and David Silva against the Union would be an absolute treat this summer, even if it means the possible defeat of the Zolos.

The looming strike and the C. Horridus work stoppage

March 15, 2010 5 comments

C. Horridus has been on life-support for a while.

One reason is because I simply don’t have the time. The more important factor, however, is also the more cynical one.

On days that I do have time, when I’m tempted to write something about the Union’s pre-season, I think of the looming strike. I think about all the effort I put into the site over the winter holiday and all the effort I’d need to put into it now. Then I figure there’s a good 30% chance it will all be for nothing. And so I don’t write a thing.

This is the side of the potential work stoppage that people forget about. This disupute affects more than just the players, the league, and, yes, the fans. It’s also about the professionals–or wanna-be professionals–who are staking a lot on the success of this league and the continued popularity of soccer in the US. What about Ives Galarcep and his stunningly succesful site? What about Match Fit USA? American Soccer News? Kyle J. McCarthy and his excellent reporting work on the Revs and the league?

These are all people who depend on MLS, who need the league to continue so they can continue doing what they want to do. If the league shoots itself in the foot, then what happens to these these guys? What about their careers?

And for me, as much as I would like to, I just can’t risk it.  If there’s no work stoppage, then great, I’ll start writing again as soon as the season begins. But my time is too rare right now to waste it on a league that may self-implode.

So MLS, are you listening? Don’t fuck things up. This situation affects far more than just a few hundred players and a gaggle of MLS owners.

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Some videos of the Union-UNC Tarheels match

February 15, 2010 4 comments

Missed the game in North Carolina like me? Wondering what PPL Park is going to sound like this year? Just take a look at the following vids:

The Union line-up:

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