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Soccer by Ives doesn’t lag far behind Soccernet in total traffic

December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Here’s something to contemplate. If you go to Alexa and compare the traffic for Soccer by Ives, King of the US Soccer Blogosphere, with that of Soccernet over the last three months, you get a pretty little graph that looks like this (SBI in blue, Soccernet in not-blue):

The image shows the percentage of total web traffic that each site receives. Over the past 3 months, SBI has .003%, while Soccernet has .0074%.

So, yes, Soccernet has more than twice the traffic of SBI. But that’s not too bad, considering it’s an arm of internet behemoth ESPN and, perhaps more importantly, that at one point SBI’s traffic actually equals or even surpasses Soccernet’s. An impressive feat, and one that is possibly due to the fact that SBI’s traffic is driven nearly entirely by regular visitors, whereas Soccernet is more of a hard news site and, as such, is likely more affected by slow news days. I know Ives writes for Soccernet, but I don’t think that necessarily affects the traffic between the two sites, especially since Ives links much more frequently to Soccernet than the other way around.

For a little more perspective, let’s look at Deadspin, one of the most popular independent sports blogs, and compare it to ESPN.

It doesn’t compare. Which makes SBI’s proximity to ESPN’s soccer arm all the more impressive.