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Today’s non-story Adu story–and a real Edu story!

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment
Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu

So today’s biggest story in the world of American soccer is really a non-story. Freddy Adu, less than a week after being linked with Greek club Aris Thessalonika, and a few days after being linked with Premiership side Hull city, publicly (and foolishly) contemplated his options on Twitter in a discussion with his former U-20 teammate and current Hull City striker, Jozy Altidore. To many, the discussions seemed to prove that the Premiership side really was aiming for Adu–a surprising move, to say the least.

Responses in the US soccer world were quick: Ives Galarcep put up a post almost immediately, taking the tweets as fact (“Adu reveals decision is between Hull and Aris”); the Shin Guardian (a fantastic site), put up a thoughtful analysis of Adu’s options; and soccer twitterers everywhere re-tweeted the story to a fairly absurd degree.

Later, as Adu-in-the-Premiership excitement subsided, it was apparent that not all was as it seemed. How could Adu, who has made only sporadic appearances for the national team, obtain a UK work permit? Why in the hell would a Premiership side pay 1.2 million pounds for a player that can’t hardly see the field for a mediocre Portugese side?

Perhaps Adu’s twitter page was not a fountain of no-need-to-verify truth. Ives appended the following parenthical pseudo-mea-culpa to his post:

(It looks as though Adu may have been having a bit of fun on Twitter with the Hull City stuff and may have been joking around about his Hull and Aris decision. So where is Adu really headed? The Aris reports have more weight than the News of the World report on Hull interest.)


In other news, the other -du suffixed American abroad, Maurice Edu, came on in the 13th minute in Ranger’s 1-1 draw with Celtic today. This is the real Yank Abroad story of the day. Let’s hope the young man stays healthy and that his teammate, DaMarcus Beasley, recovers quicky as well. Seeing the two of them link-up together for Rangers will be a sight for the sore eyes of injury-fatigued USMNT fans. And it goes without saying that both players, if healthy, could potentially be huge for the US in South Africa.

Best of luck to Adu–who I still thinking is brimming with potential–but right now, Edu is a far more realistic and exciting prospect for the USMNT.


Joao Carlos Pereira, Freddy Adu’s coach at Belenenses, given the sack

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Joao Carlos Pereira, who joined Belenenses as head coach at the start of the season and managed only one win in fourteen league games, has been fired, is reporting:

Liga Sagres outfit Belenenses have decided to part company with head coach Joao Carlos Pereira with immediate effect. Pereira got the sack following a string of disappointing results.

Pereira arrived at Belenenses at the start of the season on a two-year contract. However, just one win in fourteen league matches sees the Lisbon club at the wrong end of the table facing a battle against relegation.

The board hopes to have a new man in place by the time the players return from their Christmas break in the New Year. Dauto Faquira and Antonio Conceicao are two names that have been mentioned as possible successors to Pereira.

Considering Belenenses’ complete lack of anything resembling offensive creativity, let’s hope Pereira’s replacement at least gives Adu a shot. In his only recent appearance–10 minutes in a 2-2 draw against Maritomo–Adu played well, and would have assisted on a third goal had Lima been able to finish the golden opportunity that Adu provided him.

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Adu makes the bench against Porto

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Adu is listed as a sub in Belenenses’ match against Porto today.

Wildly optimistic scenario:Gabriel suddenly becomes terribly incontinent in the 30th minute. Adu is subbed on and scores a hat trick. The managers of both Benefica and Monaco resign a few hours later.

Most likely scenario: Adu stays stuck on the bench.

Updates to come . . .

Update: 5:56pm: And Belenenses makes its final sub–not Adu. Looks like the realistic expecation was accurate. Well, at least he made the bench this time around. Man is it difficult to follow this kid’s career.

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