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Interview with Amobi Okugo on the ASN Union page

January 19, 2010 3 comments

My Union-reporting colleagues at ASN landed a great interview with 18-year-old Amobi Okugo. My favorite quotes after the jump:

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A long ten days–tryout hopefuls anxiously wait for Union callback

December 17, 2009 2 comments

At least three of the top prospects for the Philadelphia Union open tryouts are still in the dark over the results. Shintaro Harada, standout midfielder for USL-2 side Crystal Palace Baltimore, Long Tan, former China U-19 international, and Brian Mascarenhas, former USA U-17 international, have yet to hear back from the club. All three players were featured prominently in profiles on the club’s official website. The club originally said the results would be released between December 11-16.

Brian Mascarenhas

Brian Mascarenhas at UPenn

Mascarenhas, 22, who took part in the Dec. 6 tryouts in Philadelphia, played for Vanderbilt, Georgetown, and the University of Pennsylvania during his college career. He was also part of the US U-17 residency program in 2003. Other players in the program included Freddy Adu, Michael Bradley, Eddie Gaven, and Jonathan Spector. The assistant coach at the time should also be familiar to Union fans—John Hackworth, Peter Nowak’s current second in command.

Hackworth revealed earlier in the week that the team already had a solid idea of at least one player who would be called back. He implied it was likely someone who had played under him at the youth level.

“I hope … I know, for one, there is a surprise local story.” Hackworth told the Delco Daily times. “I don’t want to say (who) because I’ll be tipping my hat, but I think there’s a local story that you guys can work with, someone that has the potential to play in that stadium someday.”

Whether that player is Mascerenhas is unclear. Hackworth was assistant coach of the U-17s in 2003, but he took over as head coach when John Ellinger left for Real Salt Lake in 2004 and continued until 2007. It is likely other players from these teams also took part in the tryouts.

Mascarenhas, who lives in Philadelphia, did, however, get a chance to speak with Hackworth before the tryout.

“I hadn’t talked to coach Hackworth in a while so I thought I’d give him a call and catch up with him.”

Mascarenhas says that Hackworth encouraged him to come down to the tryouts.

“He said it would be beneficial for me to go to the December tryout,” he says, “giving me about three weeks to get ready for it, to make sure I was ready for the fitness test.”

Mascarenhas believes he performed well in the now-infamous beep test—a series of 20 yard sprints run in progressively shorter intervals.

“I was very pleased with what I did,” Mascarenehas says, “I think they were looking for level 16. I got 17. I was the last person running in my group.”

Afterwards, the players made a five minute trek to Franklin field, where they took part in 20 minute, seven-aside sessions—a small window of time with which to impress a pro coach.

“By the time it was over I was like, ‘hey, I just was just starting to get warmed up.'” Mascarenhas says.

If things don’t work out, Mascarenhas plans to continue searching for a pro deal in either the US or Europe—but he’s given himself only a year.

“I also have other things—that I studied in college—that I want to pursue” he says. “like possibly going to law school or working in DC. So I’m looking to do this in this year and see how it pans out. But I’ll keep working, keep training, and hopefully some other options will come up.”