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Is Cristian Arrieta the Union’s answer at right back?

March 30, 2010 11 comments
Cristian Arrieta.

Cristian Arrieta. Is he ready to make the leap to MLS?

When David Myrie limped off the field Thursday against Seattle, few expected to see him start a game again soon. Not due to injury (we still don’t know what it was, or it’s extent), but because Myrie had an absolutely awful game. The sky may be the limit for the 21-year-old right back, but, like many of Nowak’s other signings this year, his ability has yet to catch up to his potential. He’s just not MLS ready.

Enter Cristian Arrieta, The 30-year-old Puerto Rico Islanders right back is on trial with the Philadelphia Union, according to reports from American Soccer News and Soccer Insider.
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Who should the Union start against DC United on April 10?

March 26, 2010 6 comments

IF we learned anything from the Union’s first game it’s that Nowak’s lineup didn’t work. This has been discussed extensively here, here, here, and just about everywhere else.

So what should the starting lineup be against DCU on the 10th? Is it too early to start speculating? Hello no! I’m suffering from Union-on-TV-withdrawal and need to keep the posts going.

Below are my current best 11 (after the jump):

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Roster needs v. 1.0–warning!–long post

January 21, 2010 7 comments
Chester Stadium

Soon to be ringing with the sound of SoB

A week ago Union fans were treated to a relative cornucopia of Zolo goodness. Not only did we get to see the coaching staff, future players, and team jersey live on national TV, we also got an up-close-and-personal introduction to the Sons of Ben, who serenaded Danny Mwanga (and the whole convention center) with footy songs, and made us dream of one day hearing a whole stadium rock to the tune of SoB acappela.

But aside from all the more visceral excitements of the draft, it also provided us with some more serious team-building and roster issues with which to ponder. First of all, we actually have a roster–19 players to be exact. This means it’s possible to start playing around with lineups and formations and, thus, more seriously and more accurately examine which holes exist and how to fill them.

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