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A little more on the tryouts

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

I know two posts in as many days on the open tryouts is a bit excessive, but the fact is there’s just too much potential for a great story here. Open tryouts for professional sports teams don’t happen every day–or even every year. And in soccer, much more than other sports in the US, there is a very high chance that some very good players have been missed by the system and fallen through the cracks.

If the Union finds even a benchwarmer from this group, it wouldn’t just be good for the team (a little extra depth never hurts) but it’d also great for the organization. Just imagine the kind of positive press it would generate.

Anyway, has been nice enough to put up an edifying video here.

Again, no specifics. Nick Sakiewicz pretty much says what I wrote yesterday, which is that at least one of these guys is likely to make the cut (one out of a thousand total).

Philadelphia Union communications also released a press release today, which is vague as usual. No names or hints of names. We may have to wait until next month to find out who makes the first cut.