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More open tryout callbacks revealed–Yale’s Raybould, Seneca Sting’s Akentan among those returning for second round

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

As more names emerge from the list of Union callbacks, it is clear that Peter Nowak and his staff have hit a potential gold mine of overlooked collegiate talent. Read more…


Harada, Mascarenhas, Soroka called back for second round of open tryouts

December 22, 2009 10 comments

Brian Mascarenhas

Shintaro Harada, standout midfielder for USL-2 side Crystal Palace Baltimore, Brian Mascarenhas, former  Tottenham Hotspur youth player and US U15-U18 international, and Ryan Soroka, also a former U-17 international, have been called back for the second round of tryouts with the Philadelphia Union. About 26 players total have been invited back.

The second round of tryouts will be on the 24th of January at the YSC complex in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.