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US draws England, Slovenia, and Algeria for the 2010 World Cup

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

More late news (by about five hours). First of all, let me say that I don’t think this a catch-22 for the US–that is, our group is so easy that no one will care if we get through, and if we don’t get through it will be a major failure. Half of that is true: the boys have to get out of the first round. But the idea that getting into the round of 16 could be bad in any way is absurd. Even if we were in a group with North Korea, New Zealand, and Slovakia, getting through to the round of 16 would be a major achievement for the US. The US sports media and the casual fan only care about results–they simply don’t have the soccer savvy to understand anything else.

One final thought: Group A (South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France) is as much a group of death as Group G (Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal). The home team is always strong at the World Cup. None has ever failed to get to the second round. Mexico is in great form recently, especially if Giovanni Dos Santos brings his A game. Uruguay is an often over-looked South American powerhouse. And France is a tottering, weakened superpower, just waiting for any or all of these three hungry teams to knock them out of the tournament. I can’t wait to see what happens when these four teams collide next summer.